Wang Dianyin's story

Thanks to a grant from the Edwards Life Sciences Foundation, HelpMeSee supported the care of 30 individuals with cataracts in Jining City, Shandong Province, China. ​

One of the people we treated, Wang Dianyin is a 69 years old villager with a happy family life. Dianyin and his wife take care of each other. They are poor, but their life is still comfortable.​ ​

Patient  C  and  his  wife at home.jpg

cooking at home Wang cooks at home

Circumstances changed a few year back. Wang’s vision started to decline and since he could no longer see he was unable to work and support his family. ​

DRGao and Wang.jpg ​

But good news came to his rural village. At a screening it was determined his loss of vision was due to cataract. Dianyin was sent to Jinghua Eye Hospital, where he received surgical treatment on his left eye in December 2016. It was an uncomplicated surgery, and after less than 24 hours his vision was already back to normal. ​ ​

These days Grandfather Wang can see very well – but he still likes his wife to dote on him. They plan for many more years of life together.

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