Information Security

HelpMeSee’s employees, contractors, and stakeholders are required to follow information security policies and procedures in accordance with applicable laws regarding the classification, handling, and transportation of personal and sensitive data. These protocols include controlled access to data, the encryption of data, and the establishment of electronic and physical data security best practices.

Procedural safeguards for data security at HelpMeSee include: 

  • The designation of employees to manage HelpMeSee’s information security program.
  • The training of all employees on security program practices and procedures.
  • Incident reporting and response procedures for a breach of security policy or data leak.   
  • Periodic risk analysis of HelpMeSee’s systems and software.
  • The adjustment HelpMeSee’s security policies and data protection procedures caused by business changes or new circumstances.
  • The hiring of contractors who can adhere to HelpMeSee's data policies and procedures.
  • Policies for the use of personal technology devices for work.
  • Software and information systems acquisition, development, operations and maintenance policies that ensure adherence to HelpMeSee’s security policies and procedures.   

The technical safeguards for HelpMeSee’s security systems, networks, and computers support are: 

  • Secure user identification protocols with passwords or other authentication methods. (Authentication methods are stored in a location or format that does not compromise security.)
  • The restriction of systems and software access to only active employees and vendors.  
  • Restricted access to records and files containing personal or sensitive information on a need to know basis.
  • The encryption of all personal or sensitive information on laptops or other portable or mobile devices, where feasible. 
  • Where feasible, the encryption of personal or sensitive information stored on external memory devices.
  • Maintainance of firewall protection, security software, and up-to-date software patches for all devices or systems storing personal or sensitive information. 
  • The monitoring of HelpMeSee systems and networks for unauthorized use, system failure or cyber attacks.  

HelpMeSee’s physical safeguards for information security include:

  • The physical protection of areas where data may be stored or accessed. (This security includes the use of locked facilities and/or secured information storage containers.)
  • Systems to deter physical intrusions or the unauthorized access to personal or other sensitive information storage locations.
  • The secure destruction of personal or other sensitive information in paper and electronic form. 

The safeguards in place at HelpMeSee are customary for an organization that is HelpMeSee’s size and scope. 


Changes to Our Information Security Policies and Procedures

It is our policy to post any changes we make to our information security policies and procedures on this page with a notice that the policy has been updated on the homepage.

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